Departmental Bulletin Paper 開始を表す複合動詞「~出す」「~始める」の違い ーコーパスを利用した使用実態からー
Difference between the Japanese Compound Verbs “~Das” and “~Hajime”: A Corpus-based Study

池谷, 知子

The syntactic compound verbs “~das” and “~hajime” are both known as aspectual (auxiliary) verbs that express the start of an action. Previous studies analyze the difference between these two verbs by examining examples composedby researchers, and it has been regarded that these two verbs are interchangeable, whereas “~das” often indicates an action that happens suddenly. This paper is intended to clarify the characteristics of the verbs “~das” and “~hajime” by investigating real sentence examples from the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese, and argues that the difference betwen the two verbs can be explained by the two factors: delimitivity and controllability.

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