Departmental Bulletin Paper 学業成績と認知的/非認知的能力の関係
The Relation between Grade Points and Cognitive/Non-cognitive Ability

藤本, 浩一

本研究は認知的/非認知的能力と学業成績の関係を検討した。70 名の女子大学生が順唱、逆唱、語音整列、謎かけ、類推テストの5 つの認知的テストを受けた。非認知的能力を検査するために、エゴグラムが実施された。認知的能力に関する結果は、短期記憶を測る順唱、ワーキングメモリを測る逆唱と語音整列は学業成績と有意な相関がなかった。謎かけと類推テストも学業成績と有意な相関がなかった。エゴグラムの2 つの状態が学業成績と有意な相関があった。FC(フリーチャイルド)は学業成績と負の相関があった。FC は規則や制限に注意を払わず、自然の本能に従う。他方で彼らは無邪気でイマジネーションに溢れ、強い好奇心を持つ。しかし彼らはまた自己中心的で感情的である。A(アダルト)状態は学業成績と少しだけ有意な相関があった。A は物事を事実に基づいて合理的に考える。以上より、誘惑を適度に抑えて欲求を制御し、長期計画に基づいて合理的判断を下すことが、学業成績を向上させる上で必要であると結論づけられた。学業的満足遅延(ADOG)が言及された。
The present study examined the relationship between cognitive/non-cognitive ability and academic grades. 70 first-year female undergraduates has conducted 5 tests of cognitive ability such as Digit-Span, Backward Digit Span, Letter-Number Sequencing, Particular Type of Riddle, and Analogy Test. To assess non-cognitive ability, Egogram(EG)test was conducted. The results on cognitive ability showed that Digit Span, evaluating short-term-memory, and Backward Digit Span as well as Letter-Number Sequencing, evaluating working memory, did not indicate significant correlation with academic grades. Particular Type of Riddle and Analogy Test also did not have correlation with academic grades neither. Two states of Egogram had significant relation with academic grades. FC(Free Child)had a significant negative correlation with academic grades. “FC” pays no attention to rules and constraints, and has natural instincts. On the one hand, they are innocent, full of imagination and have strong curiosity, but they are also self-centered and emotional. A(Adult)state indicated a slight significant correlation with academic grades. “A” judges things on the basis of facts rationally. It was concluded that controlling desire to temptation properly and rational judgment based on long-term prospect are necessary to improve academic grades. The Academic Delay of Gratification(ADOG)was mentioned.

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