Departmental Bulletin Paper 留学生との交流授業が日本人に与える影響と意義
The Value of the Joint Instruction with International Students At Kobe Shoin Women’s University

池谷, 知子

It is widely known that the Joint Instruction with Japanese students is effective for Japanese Learners, however, little is known about the influence on the Japanese students who experienced the interactions with international students. This understatement also represents the difficulties in measuring to what extent “internationalization”, in the true sense of the word, takes place by the presence of international students on campus.The purpose of this study is to clarify the propelling effect of internationalization for the Japanese students who had the opportunity to study with international students in their classrooms. This study also highlights the fact that the continuing personal development of Japanese students can be brought about by campus diversity in Japan, not only by sending them abroad. The data shows that internationalization of Japanese students can occur, even if they are in Japan, through immersion in multicultural settings by interacting with international students in classrooms and daily campus life.

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