Departmental Bulletin Paper <論説>大南公司と戦時期ベトナムの民族運動 : 仏領インドシナに生まれたアジア主義企業
DAINAN KOOSI or French Indochina born Campany with Pan-Asianism : Relations with the Vietnamese Nationalist’s Movements during the World War II Period
ダイナン コウシ ト センジキ ベトナム ノ ミンゾク ウンドウ フツリョウ インドシナ ニ ウマレタ アジア シュギ キギョウ

武内, 房司

(19)  , pp.31 - 72 , 2017-03
DAINAN KOOSI founded by MATSUSHITA Mitsuhiro (1896-1983) in Hà Nội in 1922, transferred to Saigon in 1928, should be paid more attention by two reasons. First, it was one of the oldest and most successful Japanese trading company born and developed in French Indochina, and occupied an important position in Modern Japanese-Vietnamese Relations. Second, DAINAN KOOSI kept close contact with the Vietnamese Nationalist Movements, especially MATSUSHITA supported the wide-ranging activities of the Việt Nam Phúc Quốc Đồng Minh Hội (League for the National Restoration of Vietnam) led by Cường Để during the World War II. This paper will focus and shed the light on the economic and political activities of DAINAN KOOSI based on the Pan-Asianism during the World War II in French Indochina, especially on MATSUSHITA’s positive participations in the Vietnamese Nationalist Movements, for example, the League for the National Restoration of Vietnam led by Cường Để, using such Archival Documents in Vietnam, France, Japan.

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