Departmental Bulletin Paper 接続機能語「とたん」(途端)の連語形式における時間的間隔の長短比較 : 「 V─たトタン」<「V─たトタンに」<「~。そのトタン」<「~。トタンに」<「~。そのトタンに」
On syntactic stereotype judged from the sentence pattern of the similar collocation : “verb past form ‒TA sono + totan + ni,”
セツゾク キノウゴ トタン ノ レンゴ ケイシキ ニオケル ジカンテキ カンカク ノ チョウタン ヒカク V-タ トタン V-タ トタン ニ ソノ トタン トタン ニ ソノ トタン ニ

安部, 清哉  ,  三次, 佑果

(15)  , pp.7 - 25 , 2017-03-01
本稿で考察するのは、時間的な短さを表して使用される「とたん(途端)」の用法のうち、次のような、副詞的用法、接続助詞的複合辞用法、また接続詞的用法の5 つのパタンについての、時間的間隔という意味部分に特化して比較した場合における、相互間の相対的長短の階層差である。アンケート調査による結果(現代若年層、およそ20 歳台)、おおよそ次のように、比較的明確な長短の差が認識されていることを確認することができた。この5 形式すべてにおける意味的な相違を、時間的間隔に限定してではあるが、話者の内省という点から初めて実証的に明確にしたものである。 The conventional study of the usage and the meaning of a word were often considered while comparing one form (for example, the noun “totan”) with other words (the noun “shun-kan”, “douji”, etc.) as a target for consideration. But it is necessary to consider the usage of a word by “the collocation unit” as the longer unit. And it is also necessary to focus more attention on the differences in “constructions” with its collocation unit. The noun “totan” for “as soon as” is taken up as an example in this research. The meaning is compared by the syntactic difference with each collocation form. Actually, a word as “totan” takes the collocation form as “totan”, “totan - ni”, “sono-totan” and “sono-totan-ni”. In the sentence structure, these appear in some of the following patterns: “verb past form -TA + totan,~”, “verb past form -TA + totan + ni,~”, “~. sono + totan,~”, “~. totan + ni”, “~. sono + totan + ni, ~”, etc.. Furthermore, I clarify that there are differences in meaning by the two pair comparison between five sentence structure patterns of these, through the language introspection investigation that I performed with a native speaker. In the language investigation, I compared it at a point of view of the difference in time width of the event before and after the “totan” collocation form. Conventionally, the differences in these five compound word forms has been unknown. As a result of having compared two events, that is, before and after the “totan” form by observing from the view-point of the time distance, for the first time, I was able to clarify that the form on the left side is shorter and that on the right side is longer, as in the table below.

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