Departmental Bulletin Paper <論説>物語文化と歴史イメージ、コンテンツツーリズム
Story Culture, Historical Image and Entertainment Content-Based Tourism
モノガタリ ブンカ ト レキシ イメージ コンテンツ ツーリズム

玉井, 建也

(18)  , pp.57 - 80 , 2016-03-01
This paper examines the formation of history image and the relationship with development and the real world by taking up an image of the person who appears on historical novels. More specifically, this paper discusses the Ghost Story of Yotsuya, Juutarou IWAMI and Sasuke SARUTOBI and considered the difference between the forgotten existence and the existence left for the memory even now. A correlation with story culture and the real world is important. Moreover fans of entertainment works also referred to the tourism by visiting related places. I pointed out the importance of the archive facilities where it is supported.

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