Departmental Bulletin Paper 予示した行為がデリケートであることを受け手に推察させる手続き : 指示表現を体言止めの形式で産出する事例をめぐって

杜, 長俊

This paper describes the cases where a referring expression is produced in a truncated form (a noun produced in a falling intonation) after an action, such as a question or a request, is projected. When an utterance projects that a certain type of action will occur, it can be followed by a referring expression with a rising intonation. In that case, the recognizability of a referring expression is going to be checked in order to conduct the projected action without any recognition problems. However, there are occasions where a referring expression is produced in a falling intonation. Such utterances show that the speakers believe their recipients can definitely recognize the referring object. In this paper, I show that such utterances not only claim the definite recognition, but also make their recipients infer why the projected action may be a delicate one from the shared knowledge of the interlocutors’ life history. In the analyses, I demonstrate how this is done.

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