Departmental Bulletin Paper 清末西安の教育と日本人教習 : 足立喜六を中心に

村松, 弘一

Kiroku Adachi is known as an author on “Choan Shiseki no Kenkyu” (The study of historical sites in Chang’an). He stayed at Shaanxi High Academy in Xi’an as a Japanese educator at the end of the Qing dynasty, between 1906 and 1910. While he was staying in Xi’an, he met Jitsuzou Kuwahara and Uno Tetsuto, who laid the groundwork for Oriental Studies in Japan. The encounter would prompt Adachi to begin his Oriental Studies. In this paper, by examining various documents, I investigate Kiroku Adachi’s education, his study and his life in Xi’an. First, I order Adachi’s personal history, based on the documents in the possession of his grandchild. In Chapter I, “The Trend of Japanese Educators in Shaanxi”, I researched documents of the Japanese Diplomatic Record Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the situation of the Japanese Educators who stayed in Xi’an between 1906 and 1915. In Chapter II, “Approval Process and Curriculum of Shaanxi High Academy”, I investigated Chinese documents about the class schedules of the Shaanxi High Academy where Adachi taught. In Chapter III, “The Life of Japanese Educator Kiroku Adachi”, I analyzed documents concerning the lives of Adachi, Jitsuzou Kuwabara and Tetsuto Uno in Xi’an. These materials describe the attempted theft of the “Nestorian monument” by the Dane Frits Holm in 1907. These records describe the situation regarding the protection of cultural heritage in Xi’an.

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