Departmental Bulletin Paper 荻生徂徠の経済思想 : 新井白石との比較を手掛かりに

許, 家晟

This paper analyzes the economic concepts of Ogyū Sorai and Arai Hakuseki. Hakuseki, who has a kind of perception based on money quantity theory, claims that price stability is achieved by adjusting the monetary base, and prioritizes the leveling of prices by remote trade. Sorai, on the other hand, argues that a fluctuation in prices is not due to a monetary phenomenon, but to the demand and supply relationship, emphasizing the enhancement of local production. Furthermore, his awareness of being a samurai and always valuing preparation in the case of an emergency led him to devise the formulation of a self-completion type of social system: samurai indigeneity. It is this concept that is rooted in the land, a commonality it shares with the concept of Adam Smith.

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