Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生の進路選択に対する自己効力感,就業動機,および職業未決定の関係
A study of the relationship among Career Decision-Making Self-Effi cacy, Vocational motives, and Vocational indecisions.
ダイガクセイ ノ シンロ センタク ニ タイスル ジコ コウリョクカン シュウギョウ ドウキ オヨビ ショクギョウ ミケッテイ ノ カンケイ

秋山, 史子

(24)  , pp.203 - 222 , 2015-10-01
The purpose of this study was to examine relationship among Career Decision-Making Self-Effi cacy (CDMSE), vocational motives and vocational indecisions.Participants were 134 undergraduate students (43 men, 91 women; 22 fi rstyear,52 second-year, 30 third-year and 30 fourth-year). Vocational motives consisted of 4 subscales of “exploring”, “challenging”, “interpersonal” and “status” motives. Vocational indecision scale included 5 aspects of indecisions (“immaturity”, “confusion”, “easiness”, “moratorium” and “exploration”)and “decidedness”. Results of hierarchical regression analysis showed that ①CDMSE→ “exploring motive” →“decidedness”. Otherwise, ② CDMSE→“status motive” → “easiness” and “moratorium”. These fi ndings suggested that CDMSE related to vocational motives and vocational indecisions. Only when CDMSE infl uenced on “exploring motive”, career decidedness was identifi ed.But, in the case of “status motive”, high CDMSE indicated career indecision.Therefore, the discussion revealed the importance of CDMSE and “exploring motive” to career decidedness.

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