Departmental Bulletin Paper ひきこもり当事者・経験者のつながりに関する研究 : 個人と社会の間における中間的共同体に着目して
Research on Relationship between Individuals Who Experienced Hikikomori : Forcused on Intermediate Community between Society and Individuals
ヒキコモリ トウジシャ ケイケンシャ ノ ツナガリ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ コジン ト シャカイ ノ アイダ ニオケル チュウカンテキ キョウドウタイ ニ チャクモク シテ

田添, 貴行

(24)  , pp.161 - 173 , 2015-10-01
This research focused on intermediate community between society and individuals who experienced hikikomori. I conducted group interview with members of a group issues the information magazines of school refusal and hikikomori. As a result, it was suggested that sense of security obtained through sharing of experiences of school refusal or hikikomori is factor and motivation in their relationship. Also, it was suggested that their sensitivities to hurting others and other’s pain mediate their relationship. As regards the function of this community, it was suggested that members of the community can share their experiential knowledge through the information magazines. Also, it was suggested that the activities of editing and selling the magazines moderates their internal confl icts.

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