Departmental Bulletin Paper 音声から映像+音声への試み : iPad 活用のキャンパス取材型プレゼンテーション
One-Minute Presentations on Our Campus Using iPads : Student activities using iPads via VideoBoard module in Moodle environment
オウセイ カラ エイゾウ + オンセイ エノ ココロミ iPad カツヨウ ノ キャンパス シュザイ ガタ プレゼンテーション

近藤, 良子

(14)  , pp.45 - 61 , 2016-03-01
The use of mobile technology in language classrooms, though not a new phenomenon, is still in its infancy. Whether it be a tablet device or a smartphone, it is true that both teachers and students alike hold a powerful tool that can be used in a new technologically assisted language-learning environment. In fact, there is a growing trend to utilize it in many ways for foreign language development.This paper reports on activities utilizing iPads in which students used them to make presentations on campus. After researching facilities and places of interest on campus, such as the University Library, Auditorium, Computer Center, cafés, etc., students gave presentations on them in English.Students took videos of the presentations and then uploaded and shared them via a Moodle module called “VideoBoard.” Researching familiar places and presenting about them in English encouraged them to give presentations with less anxiety and uneasiness. After the presentation videos were uploaded on Moodle, online peer evaluation as well as instructor evaluation in terms of pronunciation, fluency, content, and organization took place. This evaluation process helped students reflect on their output skills and find common errors made by many presenters.Good presentation skills are key to a successful career in academia or business. It is hoped that these activities using iPads can provide students whose first language is not English with a framework to help them plan,prepare and practice presentations in international settings.

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