Departmental Bulletin Paper Multiculturalism and Anti-multiculturalism Phenomena in South Korea

Yong-Seung, Lee

(3)  , pp.17 - 36 , 2016-03-01
Multicultural policies in South Korea are currently showing some signs of backlash. The declaration that multiculturalism has failed has been successively announced around the world, and it is often observed that the extreme rightwing parties that support anti-multiculturalism and anti-immigration secure a significant number of votes. It is not certain how closely the phenomenon of backlash against multicultural policies in South Korea is related to global trends, yet this tendency undoubtedly appears in South Korea as well. Why has this phenomenon occurred? This article will discuss the rise of anti-multiculturalism as the major driver of retreating multicultural policies in South Korea and examine its causes. The article aims to explore the causes of this phenomenon from two angles: the limitations of the government’s policy and negative reports through the mass media. Lastly, this article recommends a “new” politics that can be called a politics of multiculturalism or politics of immigration that has not yet appeared in South Korea.

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