Conference Paper 超低軌道宇宙環境におけるFEP/Agフィルムの劣化原因に対する考察

藤本, 友介  ,  北, 一貴  ,  大倉, 僚太  ,  岩田, 稔  ,  横田, 久美子  ,  田川, 雅人  ,  Fujimoto, Yusuke  ,  Kita, Kazuki  ,  Okura, Ryota  ,  Iwata, Minoru  ,  Yokota, Kumiko  ,  Tagawa, Masahito

It has been recognized that fluoroethylenepropylene (FEP) is durable to the hyperthermal atomic oxygen (AO) attack in low earth orbit (LEO) compared to the other hydrocarbon polymers. However, the densities of N2 in sub-LEO are higher than LEO, and the durability of FEP in sub-LEO environment is still unclear. In this study, simultaneous exposure experiment of AO and Ar, which is simulating N2 collision in sub-LEO, was performed on FEP/Ag film samples. It was confirmed that the erosion of FEP by hyperthermal Ar beam was greater than that by AO beam. In addition, the synergistic effect was not be confirmed at the simultaneous exposures of AO and Ar. The importance o f N 2-induced erosion of FEP in sub-LEO was commented.
会議情報: 第14回宇宙環境シンポジウム (2017年11月6日-15日. 神戸大学先端融合研究環統合研究拠点コンベンションホール), 神戸市, 兵庫県
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