Presentation PAFを利用したデブリ捕獲システムの概念検討状況
Conceptual study of mechanical and sensing system for debris capturing for PAF

柴崎, 浩一  ,  大林, 航  ,  河本, 聡美  ,  青山, 順一  ,  Shibasaki, Kouichi  ,  Oobayashi, Wataru  ,  Kawamoto, Satomi  ,  Aoyama, Junichi

The amount of space debris has been increasing, and that is becoming a threat to the currently operated satellites and ISS. The provision to prevent future spacecraft from being debris is not enough to decrease the risk of debris, an active debris removal(ADR) will be needed. The upper stages of expendable launch vehicle have been remaining in the orbit as space debris, and the number of it is so large. This paper reports the conceptual study status of mechanical and sensing system for capturing the upper stages of expendable launch vehicle.
会議情報: 第7回スペースデブリワークショップ (2016年10月18-20日. 宇宙航空研究開発機構調布航空宇宙センター(JAXA)(CAC)), 調布市, 東京
形態: カラー図版あり
Meeting Information: The 7th Space Debris Workshop (October 18-20, 2016. Chofu Aerospace Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)(CAC)), Chofu, Tokyo, Japan
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations

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