Conference Paper Field measurement of blade tip response of a medium size wind turbine in operation

Kimura, Kichiro  ,  Torikai, Hiroshi  ,  Hosomi, Masao  ,  Yukoku, Eijiro  ,  木村, 吉郎  ,  鳥飼, 博史  ,  細見, 雅生  ,  幽谷, 栄二郎

The blade tip flap-wise displacements of a medium sized horizontal axis wind turbine during its operation were tried to be measured with relatively simple setup. Motion pictures of the rotor were taken by two high speed cameras and a motion capture software was used to obtain the time histories of the tip locations. Then the coordinates were transformed to obtain the flap-wise component of the blade tips. The calibration was made by pointing the blade tips when the rotor was fixed at four positions respectively and relating them with their known coordinate value. The approximate approaching wind speed was measured with a Doppler lidar at 4Hz sampling rate. The wind turbine used for the measurement is KWT300 of KOMAIHALTEC, with rated power of 300kW, rotor diameter of 33m, and Hub height of 41.5m. The response analysis was conducted with an open source software FAST, which is developed in NREL. The measured wind speed was used as an input, and only vertical wind speed profile was considered, i.e., wind speed was assumed to be fully correlated regardless of the spatial location. Generally, measured tip displacements seem to have taken local minimum values when the blade passed in front of the tower. The three blade tips often took similar response traces when they passed at the same location. On the other hand, the three blade tips sometimes took similar responses at the same time. The cause of these different response characteristics is still not clear. Generally, the amplitude of the measured responses was larger than the analysis, and higher frequency fluctuating components were included in the measurement. These tendencies are probably due to the assumption of full correlation of the wind velocity at different locations in the analysis.
Meeting Information: First International Symposium on Flutter and its Application (May 15-17, 2016. Mielparque-tokyo), Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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