Journal Article Physical Insight into Fuel/Air Mixing with Hypermixer Injectors for Scramjet Engines

Ogawa, Hideaki  ,  Kodera, Masatoshi  ,  小川, 秀明  ,  小寺, 正敏

31 ( 5 )  , pp.1423 - 1435 , 2015-08-12 , American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics(AIAA)
Efficient mixing of fuel and air is a major objective for the successful operation of scramjet engines, in which the supersonic combustion process must occur within an extremely short time frame in the hypersonic flight. This paper presents the insights gained into the key design factors and underlying mechanism for fuel/air mixing enhancement with streamwise vortices introduced by alternating wedges called hypermixers. The results of a parametric numerical study and sensitivity analysis suggest that narrow spanwise intervals between the alternating wedges and large fuel/air equivalence ratios are beneficial for effective mixing, while higher total pressure recovery is associated with shallower ramp angles and lower fuel/air equivalence ratios. Higher fuel penetration is achieved with steeper ramp angles and higher fuel/air equivalence ratios. Streamwise vortex circulation increases with wider spanwise spacing and steeper ramp angles, but effective mixing enhancement is observed only in the latter case.
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