Conference Paper 極低温ハイブリッド・ジャーナル軸受の流動特性に及ぼすリセス後退角の影響
Influence of the Recess Sweepback Angle on Flow Characteristics of Cryogenic Hybrid Journal Bearings

菊池, 正孝  ,  高田, 仁志  ,  須藤, 孝幸  ,  高野, 智之  ,  尾池, 守  ,  Kikuchi, Masataka  ,  Takada, Satoshi  ,  Sudo, Takayuki  ,  Takano, Tomoyuki  ,  Oike, Mamoru

In the present study, a flow visualization experiment in the clearance between a clear floating-ring and a rotating journal was carried out in order to clarify the effect of the recess configuration on the flow characteristics of the cryogenic hybrid journal bearing for a rocket turbopump. Five types of the floating-rings with different recess geometries, i.e., the Young Leaf Marks (YLM), the circular YLM, the square and no-recess, were operated at a rotational speed of up to 45,000 rpm using liquid nitrogen as the working fluid to observe the interaction between a source flow from the recess and a rotating flow induced by the journal rotation in the clearance. The cavitation cloud inside the clearance was induced by viscous frictional heating and the pressure drop. The influence of the geometry of the recess leading edge on the flow characteristics was investigated by comparing flow coefficient and the cavitation cloud area ratio obtained from the visual image. Based on the experimental results, the dependence of the flow characteristics on the rotational speed was confirmed to be affected by the sweepback angle of the recess leading edge. Furthermore, It can be considered that the value and the gradient of the pressure distribution within the clearance of the floating-ring tend to decrease with increasing sweepback angle at the same cavitation number
会議情報: 日本航空宇宙学会北部支部2016年講演会ならびに第17回再使用型宇宙推進系シンポジウム(2016年3月9日-10日. 北海道大学大学院工学研究院), 札幌市, 北海道
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