Conference Paper バリスティックレンジを用いたカプセル形状模型空力安定評価
Evaluation of the aerodynamic stability of a capsule shaped model with a ballistic range

丹野, 英幸  ,  小室. 智幸  ,  永井, 大樹  ,  Tanno, Hideyuki  ,  Komuro, Tomoyuki  ,  Nagai, Daiki

A data reduction sceme was developed to evaluate aerodynamic stability of reentry capsule shaped projectiles under subsonic free-flight condition. The final goal of the work was to obtain benchmarks of stability characteristics to compare with wind tunnel test results or CFD calculations. A free-flight test campaign was conducted with an air driven single-stage gas gun in JAXA Kakuda Space Center. In the test campaign, a capsule shaped projectile of 380g mass and of 90 mm diameter launched at flight speed 110m/s. During 52meter free-flight, pitching motion of the projectile was measured with an onboard miniature data-logger and piezoelectric accelerometers in the projectile. Damping factor during free-flight was successfully obtained through the developed data reduction scheme. Nevertheless, aerodynamic stability of this projectile has not be determined due to lack of test data.
会議情報: 日本航空宇宙学会北部支部2016年講演会ならびに第17回再使用型宇宙推進系シンポジウム(2016年3月9日-10日. 北海道大学大学院工学研究院), 札幌市, 北海道
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