Conference Paper エタノール/液体酸素ロケットエンジン燃焼室における平面ピントル型噴射器の推進剤噴射形態が燃焼特性に及ぼす影響
Effect of Injection Configuration of Planar Pintle Injector on Combustion Characteristics of Ethanol/Liquid Oxygen Rocket Engine Combustor

榊, 和樹  ,  角銅, 洋実  ,  中谷. 辰爾  ,  津江, 光洋  ,  金井. 竜一朗  ,  稲川, 貴大  ,  平岩, 徹夫  ,  Sakaki, Kazuki  ,  Kakudo, Hiromitsu  ,  Nakaya, Shinji  ,  Tsue, Mitsuhiro  ,  Kanai, Ryuichiro  ,  Inagawa, Takahiro  ,  Hiraiwa, Tetsuo

Propellant injection systems of liquid rocket engines (LREs) have significant effects on the combustion stability and propulsion performances. A pintle injector is one of the most promising candidate for the propellant injection system of LRE with deep-throttling capability due to the simple structure and the high combustion stability. However, effects of various design parameters of a pintle injector on combustion characteristics are not clarified yet. Combustion experiments of an ethanol/liquid oxygen rocket engine combustor with a planar pintle injector are conducted to investigate the effects of the injection configurations on combustion characteristics. The chamber pressure Pc and mass flow ratio of oxidizer and fuel O/F varies from 0.3 MPa to 0.4 MPa and from 1.0 to 2.2, respectively. Back-lit images of spray structures are observed with high speed imaging techniques. Characteristic exhaust velocity (C (exp *)) efficiency increases with the increase in O/F with fuel-centered configuration, while the opposite tendency is observed with oxidizer-centered configuration. The linear relationship between total momentum ratio (TMR) and C (exp *) efficiency is found for both injection configurations. The coefficient of variation (CoV), which is an indicator of combustion stability, increases with the increase in O/F for both injection configurations.
会議情報: 第59回宇宙科学技術連合講演会(2015年10月7日-9日. かごしま県民交流センター), 鹿児島市, 鹿児島
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