Conference Paper 高圧燃焼下におけるLOX/LNG(メタン)同軸型噴射器の燃焼特性について
Study on combustion characteristics of LOX/methane co-axial type injector under high pressure condition

淺川, 弘也  ,  南里, 秀明  ,  増田, 井出夫  ,  篠原, 流  ,  石原, 康弘  ,  坂口, 裕之  ,  Asakawa, Hiroya  ,  Nanri, Hideaki  ,  Masuda, Ideo  ,  Shinohara, Ryu  ,  Ishikawa, Yasuhiro  ,  Sakaguchi, Hiroyuki

This paper reports the combustion characteristics of LOX/LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas, methane) co-axial type pre-burner injectors under high pressure condition, based on a result of single element firing tests of LOX/methane. LNG rocket engines have been investigated among many countries because LNG has better characteristics as a fuel of rocket engine, i.e. longer storage, lower cost and non-toxic. In Japan, we are conducting research and development on a regenerative cooling LOX/methane engine to achieve higher performance. In order to realize higher performance, LOX and methane have to be mixed and burned with higher efficiency and more stable. Therefore we prepared many single shear coaxial elements which varied design parameters and we performed firing test for the purpose of surveying combustion characteristics of LOX/methane under high pressure condition. The result for all pre-burner elements shows that combustion is stable and generated soot quantity is small.
会議情報: 日本航空宇宙学会北部支部2016年講演会ならびに第17回再使用型宇宙推進系シンポジウム(2016年3月9日-10日. 北海道大学大学院工学研究院), 札幌市, 北海道
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