Conference Paper 超広視野初期宇宙探査衛星WISHミッション部の熱設計
Thermal Design for Payload Module of the Wide-field Imaging Surveyor for High-redshift(WISH)

安藤, 麻紀子  ,  岡本, 篤  ,  佐藤, 洋一  ,  杉田, 寛之  ,  山田, 亨  ,  岩田, 生  ,  WISHワーキンググループ  ,  Ando, Makiko  ,  Okamoto, Atsushi  ,  Sato, Yoichi  ,  Sugita, Hiroyuki  ,  Yamada, Toru  ,  Iwata, Ikuru  ,  WISH Working Group

Conceptional thermal design and analysis of the Wide-field Imaging Surveyor for High-redshift (WISH) has been conducted. WISH has a mission to reveal the first-generation galaxies in the early young universe by wide-range and highly sensitive near-infrared observations. The mission module has a 1.5m-aperture telescope and detectors. For the highly sensitive observation, the detectors should be cooled down to 40K. In WISH mission, passive cooling is the basic concept of the thermal design of the mission module since it can eliminate disturbance derived from mechanical cryocoolers. This paper introduces the results of the conceptional thermal design and analysis for the WISH mission module.
会議情報: 第59回宇宙科学技術連合講演会(2015年10月7日-9日. かごしま県民交流センター), 鹿児島市, 鹿児島
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