Conference Paper 「きぼう」日本実験棟における簡易曝露実験装置(ExHAM)を用いた高精度平面マーカの宇宙実証実験
Space Demonstration of a High-Accuracy 2D Visual Marker using ExHAM on Japan Experiment Module, Kibo

鈴木, 悟史  ,  田中, 秀幸  ,  成田. 伸一郎  ,  渡邊, 恵佑  ,  上田, 敦史  ,  武井, 悠人  ,  松村, 祐介  ,  森本, 仁  ,  Suzuki, Satoshi  ,  Tanaka, Hideyuki  ,  Narita, Shinichiro  ,  Watanabe, Keisuke  ,  Ueta, Atsushi  ,  Takei, Yuto  ,  Matsumura, Yusuke  ,  Morimoto, Hitoshi

Image processing is one of the methods used to measure position/attitude for robot control. A characteristic marker is attached to the measurement object for high-precision image processing. As On-Orbit Visual Marker, 3D marker with a rod is generally used. However, 3D Marker has a limitation of the installation location due to its protrusion shape in terms of safety and space limitation. In addition, attitude measurement using conventional 2D visual marker has problem that measurement error increased when facing against the camera. Accordingly, our purpose is to develop a high-accuracy 2D visual marker for image processing on orbit. "ArrayMark" is a new 2D visual marker that realizes high accuracy by microlens array and the dot pattern. Evaluation of ArrayMark is needed for practical use in on-orbit environment. This paper describes space demonstration of the ArrayMark using ExHAM on Japan Experiment Module.
会議情報: 第59回宇宙科学技術連合講演会(2015年10月7日-17日. かごしま県民交流センター), 鹿児島市, 鹿児島
形態: カラー図版あり
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