Conference Paper 赤外線天文衛星「SPICA」ペイロードモジュールの構造検討
SPICA Payload Module Structure Consideration

間澤, 朋哉  ,  東海林, 和典  ,  岡田, 康彦  ,  飯田, 浩  ,  中川, 貴雄  ,  小川, 博之  ,  後藤, 健  ,  竹内, 伸介  ,  山脇, 敏彦  ,  水谷, 忠均  ,  松原, 英雄  ,  Mazawa, Tomoya  ,  Shoji, Kazunori  ,  Okada,  ,  Iida, Hiroshi  ,  Nakagawa, Takao  ,  Ogawa, Hiroyuki  ,  Goto, Ken  ,  Takeuchi, Shinsuke  ,  Yamawaki, Toshihiko  ,  Mizutani, Tadahito  ,  Matsuhara, Hideo

472016-04-14 , 日本航空宇宙学会(JSASS) , Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS)
SPICA is the next-generation infrared space telescope cooled to very low temperature on orbit to achieve extremely high sensitivity for astronomical observations in the infrared. The scientific instrument assembly is supported by the structure of the payload module using an on-orbit thermal insulation mechanism. The structure of payload module consists of CFRP, which is chosen from the requirement of thermal design. It is confirmed that the payload module has enough stiffness by structure analysis.
会議情報: 第47期定時社員総会および年会講演会(2016年4月14日-15日. 東京大学 山上会館 ), 文京区, 東京
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