Conference Paper ASTRO-H/SXS用振動アイソレータの開発
Development of Vibration Isolator for ASTRO-H/SXS

安田, 進  ,  Yasuda, Susumu

472016-04-14 , 日本航空宇宙学会(JSASS) , Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS)
ASTRO-H is an X-ray astronomy satellite which was launched in February 2016. The Soft X-ray Spectrometer (SXS) is one of the instruments on ASTRO-H, which measures energy of soft X-ray photon using calorimeter. In the SXS engineering model test, it emerged that micro-vibration of cryocoolers affects the energy resolution of the calorimeter. To counter this vibration issue, we developed passive vibration isolators and installed them into SXS. In this paper, we present the overview of the vibration isolators and major issues occurred during their development.
会議情報: 第47期定時社員総会および年会講演会(2016年4月14日-15日. 東京大学 山上会館 ), 文京区, 東京
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