Journal Article Attitude Maneuver Tests Using CMGs Mounted in a Three-Axis Free Dynamics Simulator

Kanzawa, Takuya  ,  Haruki, Misuzu  ,  Endo, Tatsuya  ,  Yamanaka, Koji  ,  神澤, 拓也  ,  春木, 美鈴  ,  遠藤, 達也  ,  山中, 浩二

14 ( ists30 )  , pp.Pd_7 - Pd_13 , 2016-7-29 , Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences(JSASS) , 日本航空宇宙学会 (JSASS)
This paper presents attitude maneuver demonstration tests using control moment gyroscopes mounted in a three-axis free dynamics simulator that provides an on-ground test environment of free rotational movement around three axes using the air-floating method. The issue of torque error between the torque command and the actual output torque is discussed in relation to the singularity-robust based steering law for spacecraft maneuvers. The torque error is analyzed using singular value decomposition to determine its magnitude and direction. Based on the analysis, feedback control and steering laws are proposed to reduce the torque error. Before conducting the maneuver demonstration test, a preliminary simulation is performed using a simplified dynamics model, control law, and steering law. The maneuver test results indicate that the dynamics simulator successfully accomplishes agile, large angle, and rest-to-rest multitarget maneuvers as well as precision pointing.
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations
形態: カラー図版あり

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