Conference Paper ERG衛星搭載超高エネルギー電子観測装置(XEP-e)
Extremely High-energy Plasma/Particle Sensor for Electron(XEP-e)

東尾, 奈々  ,  松本, 晴久  ,  Higashio, Nana  ,  Matsumoto, Haruhisa

It is well known that satellites are always in danger in space and especially high-energy radiation damages them. One of the sources that cause them is the radiation belt (the Van Allen belt). It was thought to be static, but in the 1990s it rediscovered the radiation belt fluctuates greatly. There are some reasons to occur this phenomenon, but we have not understood a clear reason of this yet. On the other hand, it is well known that the energetic particle flux vary during geomagnetic disturbances and the relativistic electrons in the other radiation belt change with solar wind speed. ERG (Energization and Radiation in Geospace) satellite is the small space science platform for rapid investigation and test satellite of JAXA/ISAS, and our group is developing the instrument (XEP-e) to measure high-energy electrons (400keV~20MeV).
会議情報: 第59回宇宙科学技術連合講演会(2015年10月7日-9日. かごしま県民交流センター), 鹿児島市, 鹿児島県
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