Conference Paper Digital Coherent Receiver Technique for Onboard Receiver of Future Optical Data Relay System

Araki, Tomohiro  ,  荒木, 智宏

9739pp.973919-1 - 973919-11 , 2016-03-15 , The International Society for Optical Engineering(SPIE)
A digital coherent receiver technique for an onboard receiver for use in a future space optical communication system is investigated. Digital coherent technologies comprising coherent detection and digital signal processing are confirmed to possibly increase the signal speed, improve the receiver sensitivity, and extend tolerance for the Doppler frequency shift. As a facet of expandability, the concept of a multichannel-rate receiver using a digital coherent technique is introduced. Experimental results using 2.5 Gbps DBPSK signal light demodulation are presented together with future issues involved in implementation. This study confirms that the digital coherent receiver has higher expandability than other detection techniques.
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Meeting Information: SPIE 9739, Free-Space Laser Communication and Atmospheric Propagation 2016(February 15-16, 2016. InterContinental Hotel, Fremont Room) San Francisco, California, United States
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