Journal Article ロケット跳躍型探査ロボットJumping Scouter コンセプトと跳躍精度評価
Rocket-propelled Exploration Robot: Jumping Scouter, Concept and Evaluation of Jumping Functionality

加藤, 裕基  ,  渡邊, 恵佑  ,  妻木, 俊道  ,  柳瀬, 恵一  ,  本田, 瑛彦  ,  Kato, Hiroki  ,  Watanabe, Keisuke  ,  Tsumaki, Toshimichi  ,  Yanagase, Keiichi  ,  Honda, Akihiko

34 ( 5 )  , pp.321 - 330 , 2016-06-15 , 日本ロボット学会 , The Robotics Society of Japan
Jumping Scouter is a rocket-powered robot for planetary exploration. The light-weighted robot traverses long distance, independent of terrain conditions. For example, it theoretically jumps 43 [km] with only 290 [g] of vehicle mass and 98 [g] of black powder. It also acquires landscape imagery of wide areas during and after traversal jumps. This paper describes the robot's concept, system configuration and primary evaluation tests for jumping functionary.
形態: 図版あり
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