Journal Article Temperature distribution monitoring of a coiled flow channel in microwave heating using an optical fiber sensing technique

Wada, Daichi  ,  Sugiyama, Jun-ichi  ,  Zushi, Hiroaki  ,  Murayama, Hideaki  ,  和田, 大地  ,  杉山, 順一  ,  園子, 博昭  ,  村山, 英晶

232pp.434 - 441 , 2016-09 , Elsevier
We demonstrate the temperature distribution monitoring of a coiled flow channel in a microwave reactor that was designed for microwave-assisted continuous-flow synthesis. The monitoring is conducted using an optical fiber sensing technique, which can monitor the temperature distribution along the coiled flow channel. The sensing system successfully observed the inhomogeneous nature of the microwave heating, and the effect of water flow on the temperature distribution. We discuss the cause of the inhomogeneous heating by comparing the observed temperature distributions and the electric fields inside the reactor, as calculated by numerical simulations.
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations
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