Journal Article ノズル内含浸方式を用いた熱溶解積層3次元プリンタによる連続繊維強化熱可塑性プラスチックの成形
Three-dimensional printing of a continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer by means of in-nozzle impregnation fused deposition modeling

上田, 政人  ,  並木, 正規  ,  鄭, 泰根  ,  轟, 章  ,  松崎, 亮介  ,  平野, 義鎮  ,  Ueda, Masahito  ,  Namiki, Masaki  ,  Jeong, Tae-Kun  ,  Todoroki, Akira  ,  Matsuzaki, Ryosuke  ,  Hirano, Yoshiyasu

61 ( 7 )  , pp.369 - 374 , 2015-07-25 , 強化プラスチック協会(JRPS) , The Japan Reinforced Plastics Society(JRPS)
Three-dimensional printing technique of a continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer was developed based on fused deposition modeling. A thermoplastic polymer filament and continuous fibers were separately supplied to the developed three dimensional printer, and fibers were impregnated with a filament in the heated nozzle just before printing. In this study, a poly-lactic acid was used as a matrix material and a straight tow of carbon fibers or a twisted yarn of Jute fibers as a reinforcement material. A unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer and a unidirectional jute fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer were printed to form dumbbell shape specimens. Tensile test results of the printed specimens showed improved tensile modulus and strength by continuous fiber reinforcement. The tensile properties were, however, slightly smaller than those expected by rule of mixture. Fracture surface observation showed pull out of fibers from matrix, which indicated insufficient impregnation of fibers with matrix. Some gaps between each filaments also suppressed improvement of the tensile properties. New technique to make continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer was successfully proposed, and some key issues to be resolved in order to improve the mechanical property were pointed out.
形態: カラー図版あり
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