Journal Article Reduced dissipation AUSM-family fluxes: HR-SLAU2 and HR-AUSM(exp +)-up for high resolution unsteady flow simulations

Kitamura, Keiichi  ,  Hashimoto, Atsushi  ,  北村, 圭一  ,  橋本, 敦

126pp.41 - 57 , 2016-03-01 , Elsevier
The reduced dissipation approach is applied to AUSM-family flux functions of SLAU2 (as well as its predecessor, SLAU) and AUSM(+)-up for high resolution simulations. In this approach, a dominant dissipation term (of the pressure flux) in each flux function is locally controlled (0 < γHR < 1, γHR: dissipation coefficient) if a cell geometry is of high quality (i.e., fully or nearly rectangular) and flow is smooth, and the original method is recovered otherwise (γHR = 1). Numerical tests demonstrate that the proposed HR (High-Resolution, or Hi-Res) -SLAU2 achieves better resolution (while maintaining robustness) for a wide-ranging Mach numbers (from Mach 6 × 10(exp -4) to 8.1), compared with the original counterparts (γHR = 1) or an existing method (HR-Roe), whereas HR-AUSM(+)-up shows degraded resolution due to a large cutoff Mach number at low speeds and insufficient dissipation at super- and hypersonic speeds, although a smaller γHR is allowed. Furthermore, a new wiggle detector is proposed to improve both convergence and solution accuracy.
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations
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