Journal Article Using biodiesel fuel for gas turbine combustors

Szalay, Dora  ,  Fujiwara, Hitoshi  ,  Palocz-Andresen, Michael  ,  Szalay, Dora  ,  藤原, 仁志  ,  Palocz-Andresen, Michael

65 ( 2 )  , pp.65 - 76 , 2015-06 , Redaktion Im Selbstverlag der
Biodiesel fuel (BDF) mainly refined from vegetable oil has been applied to diesel cars for more than ten years. The objective of this study is to widen the applicability of BDF to other areas to promote its production and consumption, and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and diverting energy sources. Using BDF for gas turbine engines has various impacts on the environment and on economics, and requires a high quality of technical frame conditions. The combustion rig tests of a 20 MW gas turbine combustor at high load with two different fuels, a biodiesel fuel and a common petroleum diesel fuel, were performed to investigate the needed technical feasibility. The environmental impact was also investigated through the detailed measurement of the exhaust gas of the combustor. The results show that BDF can be technically a promising alternative fuel for land-based, marine-based and aero-space-based gas turbine engines, however it is very expensive compared with conventional fuels.
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