Journal Article Development of the fuel heating device for the component test of aerospace propulsion systems

Soejima, Mitsuhiro  ,  Nojima, Kiyoshi  ,  Tomioka, Sadatake  ,  Sakuranaka, Noboru  ,  副島, 光洋  ,  野島, 清志  ,  富岡, 定毅  ,  櫻中, 登

11 ( 1 )  , p.JFST0006 , 2016-02-17 , The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers , 日本機械学会
For the next generation space launch vehicle, fully reusable spaceplane with rocket and ramjet combined propulsion system is proposed. That type of spaceplane can drastically reduce the cost per unit mass of the payload. One of the main technical challenges of the spaceplane is the propulsion system. Thus, many component tests have been carried out using hydrogen as fuel. On the other hands, in these days, some of the projects uses hydrocarbon(HC) fuel, because of the ease of treatment, and the high density Isp performance. Because of these backgrounds, pressurized high temperature HC fuel feeding device for the component tests of space propulsion system is required to simulate re-generative cooling. We started to develop the fuel heating device aiming to feed ethanol at supercritical condition for the component tests of the RBCC engine. The device is needed to heat up the fuel higher than 520 K and pressurize the fuel higher than 7 MPa. In the development process, we experienced some troubles, but we improved the composition of the fuel heating device, and most of the troubles were settled. We achieved the main goal of the development, to feed supercritical ethanol (7.5 MPa, 520 K at the exit of fuel heating device) to the test equipment of the dual-mode ramjet combustor. In this paper, we report the construction of the developed fuel heating device, the detail of the troubles and countermeasures, the result of the unit tests and the result of an actual use test.
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