Journal Article Studies of the moisture absorption of thin carbon fiber reinforced plastic substrates for x-ray mirrors

Sugita, Satoshi  ,  Awaki, Hisamitsu  ,  Kurihara, Daichi  ,  Yoshioka, Kenya  ,  Nomura, Mizuki  ,  Ogi, Keiji  ,  Tomita, Yuuki  ,  Mita, Tomoki  ,  Kunieda, Hideyo  ,  Matsumoto, Hironori  ,  Miyazawa, Takuya  ,  Mitsuishi, Ikuyuki  ,  Iwase, Toshihiro  ,  Maejima, Masato  ,  Shima, Naoki  ,  Ishikawa, Takashi  ,  Hamada, Takayoshi  ,  Ishida, Naoki  ,  Akiyama, Hiromichi  ,  Kishimoto, Kazuaki  ,  Utsunomiya, Shin  ,  Kamiya, Tomohiro  ,  杉田, 聡司  ,  粟木, 久光  ,  栗原, 大千  ,  吉岡, 賢哉  ,  野村, 美月  ,  黄木, 景二  ,  富田, 悠希  ,  三田, 朋希  ,  國枝, 秀世  ,  松本, 浩典  ,  宮澤, 拓也  ,  三石, 郁之  ,  岩瀬, 敏博  ,  前島, 将人  ,  島, 直究  ,  石川, 隆司  ,  浜田, 高嘉  ,  石田, 直樹  ,  秋山, 浩庸  ,  岸本, 和昭  ,  宇都宮, 真  ,  神谷, 友裕

1 ( 3 )  , pp.034003-1 - 034003-7 , 2015-07-15 , The International Society for Optical Engineering(SPIE)
We study a lightweight x-ray mirror with a carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) substrate for next-generation x-ray satellites. For tightly nested x-ray mirrors, such as those on the Suzaku and ASTRO-H telescopes, CFRP is the suitable substrate material because it has a higher strength-to-weight ratio and forming flexibility than those of metals. In flat CFRP substrate fabrication, the surface waviness has a root mean square (RMS) of ~ 1 μm in the best products. The RMS approximately reaches a value consistent with the RMS of the mold used for the forming. We study the effect of moisture absorption using accelerated aging tests in three environments. The diffusivity of the CFRP substrate at 60 C and at relative humidity of 100% is ~ 9.7 × 10(exp -4) mm2・h(exp -1), and the acceleration rate to the laboratory environment was 180 times higher. We also develop co-curing functional sheets with low water-vapor transmissivity on the CFRP substrate. Co-curing the sheets successfully reduced the moisture absorption rate by 440 times compared to the un-co-cured substrate. Details of the CFRP substrate fabrication and moisture absorption tests are also reported.
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