Journal Article Investigation of Rarefaction and Condensation Effects in Hypersonic Rarefied Flows

Ozawa, Takashi  ,  Suzuki, Toshiyuki  ,  Fujita, Kazuhisa  ,  小澤, 宇志  ,  鈴木, 俊之  ,  藤田, 和央

14 ( ists30 )  , pp.Pe_1 - Pe_6 , 2016-02-13 , The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS) , 日本航空宇宙学会
The improvement of prediction accuracy for rarefied aerodynamics is one of the important factors for space missions. In order to improve rarefied aerodynamic prediction, rarefaction and condensation effects have been investigated experimentally and numerically in this work. Pitot pressure measurements for N2 nozzle flows have been carried out in the hypersonic rarefied wind tunnel (HRWT). The rarefaction phenomenon was found to impact the measurements, and thus, we have developed a rarefaction model using a bridging function, which represents the rarefaction phenomenon well on pitot pressure for hypersonic rarefied flows in HRWT. In addition, condensation effect has been analyzed for N2 and CO2 nozzle flows in the HRWT test section. Although condensation does not impact rarefied aerodynamic measurements for N2, stagnation temperature should be higher than 700 K for CO2 to generate hypersonic rarefied flows for M greater than 10, Kn greater than 0.1 and reduce the risk of condensation phenomenon.
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