Journal Article Space Radiation Dosimetry to Evaluate the Effect of Polyethylene Shielding in the Russian Segment of the International Space Station

Nagamatsu, Aiko  ,  Casolino, Marco  ,  Larsson, Oscar  ,  Ito, Tsuyoshi  ,  Yasuda, Nakahiro  ,  Kitajo, Keiichi  ,  Shimada, Ken  ,  Takeda, Kazuo  ,  Tsuda, Shuichi  ,  Sato, Tatsuhiko  ,  永松, 愛子  ,  Casolino, Marco  ,  Larsson, Oscar  ,  伊藤, 剛  ,  安田, 仲宏  ,  北城, 圭一  ,  島田, 健  ,  武田, 和雄  ,  津田, 修一  ,  佐藤, 達彦

80pp.25 - 35 , 2015-12-12 , Elsevier
As a part of the Alteino Long Term Cosmic Ray measurements on board the International Space Station (ALTCRISS) project, the shielding effect of polyethylene (PE) were evaluated in the Russian segment of the ISS, using active and passive dosimeter systems covered with or without PE shielding. For the passive dosimeter system, PADLES (Passive Dosimeter for Life-Science and Experiments in Space) was used in the project, which consists of a Thermo-Luminescent Dosimeters (TLD) and CR-39 Plastic Nuclear Track Detectors (PNTDs) attached to a radiator. Not only CR-39 PNTD itself but also a tissue equivalent material, NAN-JAERI, were employed as the radiator in order to investigate whether CR-39 PNTD can be used as a surrogate of tissue equivalent material in space dosimetry or not. The agreements between the doses measured by PADLES with CR-39 PNTD and NAN-JAERI radiators were quite satisfactorily, indicating the tissue-equivalent dose can be measured by conventional PADLES even though CR-39 PNTD is not perfect tissue-equivalent material. It was found that the shielding effect of PE varies with location inside the spacecraft: it became less significant with an increase of the mean thickness of the wall. This tendency was also verified by Monte Carlo simulation using the PHITS code. Throughout the flight experiments, in a series of four phases in the ALTCRISS project from December 2005 to October 2007, we assessed the ability of PE to decrease radiation doses in Low Earth Orbit(LEO).
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Meeting Information: 26th International Conference on Nuclear Tracks in Solids (ICNTS26) (September 15-19 2014. Kobe, Japan)
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会議情報: 第26回固体中核飛跡に関する国際会議(ICNTS26)(2014年9月15日-19日, 神戸)

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