Journal Article Planform Dependency on Airfoil Design Results for Supersonic Wing in Supersonic and Transonic

Kishi, Yuki  ,  Kanazaki, Masahiro  ,  Makino, Yoshikazu  ,  Matsushima, Kisa  ,  岸, 祐希  ,  金崎, 雅博  ,  牧野, 好和  ,  松島, 紀佐

4 ( 1 )  , pp.38 - 48 , 2016-01-29 , Scientific Research Publishing
In this study, the wing design problem for different planforms for supersonic transport (SST) under supersonic and transonic cruise conditions is discussed to obtain knowledge of the supersonic air-foil from the viewpoint of wing planform dependency. Two types of planforms were considered-a cranked arrow wing with a high sweep-back angle and a tapered wing with a low sweep- back angle. The optimum airfoils of these planforms were designed by efficient global optimization, which combined the evolutionary algorithm with the Kriging surrogate model. To acquire design knowledge, the functional analysis of variance was applied to the solution space and the design space. The design results show that the optimum airfoil and the contribution ratios of design variables for the airfoils of the two planform are different.
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