Conference Paper HORYU-4: Miniaturised Laboratory for In-Orbit High Voltage Technology Demonstration

Shimizu, Tatsuo  ,  HORYU-4 Project Team  ,  Cho, Mengu  ,  清水, 達生  ,  HORYU-4 Project Team  ,  趙, 孟佑

Currently, we are finalising development of a new satellite “HORYU-4” (30cm cuboid, around 10kg) to be launched in early 2016 as a piggy bag satellite of H-IIA rocket. This is the succession spacecraft to HORYU-2, and the main mission of these satellites is demonstration of high voltage solar array technologies in real space environments. The key concept of HORYU-4 is performing same testing as on ground, but with real space environments. In fact, this spacecraft carries standard laboratory equipment such as an oscilloscope and video cameras. These flight data will not only be used for confirmation of the new high voltage technology to evaluate and improve present ground testing methods. In addition, such challenges have not yet been succeeded in orbit, and therefore it might discover new arcing phenomena.
会議情報: 第12回 宇宙環境シンポジウム(2015年11月16日-18日. 北九州国際会議場 国際会議室), 北九州市, 福岡県
形態: カラー図版あり
Meeting Information: The 12th Spacecraft Environment Symposium (November 16-18, 2015. International Conference Room, Kitakyushu International Conference Center), Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan
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