Conference Paper 小型深宇宙探査実験機における自動制御システムの設計手法
Auto System Control Method for the deep space probe

黒岩, 史登  ,  奥山, 圭一  ,  Bendoukha, Sidi Ahmed  ,  西尾, 正則  ,  森田, 大貴  ,  Kuroiwa, Fumito  ,  Okuyama, Keiichi  ,  Bendoukha, Sidi Ahmed  ,  Nishio, Masanori  ,  Morita, Hiroki

A small, deep-space probe, Shinen2, was developed under collaboration with the Kyushu Institute of Technology and Kagoshima University. The Shinen2 was launched by an H2-A rocket as a piggyback space probe with the JAXA's asteroid probe, Hayabusa 2, in 2014. The outer shape of the Shinen2 has quasi-spherical diameter of 50 cm, and a mass of approximately 18 kg. An example of a deep-space probe to explore beyond the moon beyond has not been developed by any university, and no private companies exist. This paper describes the methods of the total system control of Shinen2 and compares measurement data and received data for checking the system. Besides, it shows result of radiation testing for measurement of radiation tolerance.
会議情報: 第12回 宇宙環境シンポジウム(2015年11月16日-18日. 北九州国際会議場 国際会議室), 北九州市, 福岡県
形態: カラー図版あり
Meeting Information: The 12th Spacecraft Environment Symposium (November 16-18, 2015. International Conference Room, Kitakyushu International Conference Center), Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations

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