Conference Paper PIV圧力推定における速度データ計測誤差の影響解析シミュレーション
Simulation to analyze the effect of measurement error of velocity data on PIV pressure estimation

松島, 紀佐  ,  南波, 遼大  ,  山口, 銀河  ,  加藤, 裕之  ,  Matsushima, Kisa  ,  Namba, Ryodai  ,  Yamaguchi, Ginga  ,  Kato, Hiroyuki

A numerical pressure estimation system which uses the 2.5 Dimensional model of a Poisson equation has been developed in order to let PIV measurement more advantageous in aerodynamic design. In the article, the system is examined if it can handle a case where the data of flow speed measured by PIV experiments have noise error. The examination is fully performed using computer simulation. First, the noise data of flow velocity are produced to add them to the original ideal velocity data. The several different error patters are prepared. Then, the pressure distributions are estimated by the system with the data in order to analyze how the noise errors affect the estimated results. The examination shows that boundary data imposed for the Poisson equation have great influence on the solutions all over the space. If a strategy is devised to reduce measurement errors on boundaries, fairly good pressure estimation can be done without caring the errors on inner space.
会議情報: 第47回流体力学講演会/第33回航空宇宙数値シミュレーション技術シンポジウム (2015年7月2日-3日. 東京大学生産技術研究所), 目黒区, 東京
形態: カラー図版あり
Meeting Information: 47th Fluid Dynamics Conference /the 33rd Aerospace Numerical Simulation Symposium (July 2-3, 2015. Institute of Industrial Science , the University of Tokyo), Meguro, Tokyo, Japan
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations

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