Conference Paper JSS2システム概要と活用・運用
Overview of the JSS2 system and its utilization/operation (JAXA)

藤田, 直行  ,  Fujita, Naoyuki

JAXA Supercomputer System generation 2 (JSS2) has begun to work from October 1, 2014. When we think back to history of a supercomputer of JAXA, FACOM-230-75APU promotes a CFD study, FACOM VP400 makes a practical use of RANS equation simulation, Numerical Wind Tunnel (NWT) realized parametric study using steady flow simulation. By JSS2, we are going to do unsteady flow parametric study, data processing which is new comer for JAXA supercomputer system, and so on. JSS2 consists of computing facility named SORA (Supercomputer for earth Observation, Rockets, and Aeronautics) and archival system named J-SPACE (Jaxa's Storage Platform for Archiving, Computing, and Exploring).
会議情報: 第47回流体力学講演会/第33回航空宇宙数値シミュレーション技術シンポジウム (2015年7月2日-3日. 東京大学生産技術研究所), 目黒区, 東京
形態: カラー図版あり
Meeting Information: 47th Fluid Dynamics Conference /the 33rd Aerospace Numerical Simulation Symposium (July 2-3, 2015. Institute of Industrial Science , the University of Tokyo), Meguro, Tokyo, Japan
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