Technical Report 全天X線監視装置MAXIのデータアーカイブの開発
Developments of the MAXI Data Archive

中川, 友進  ,  海老沢, 研  ,  中平, 聡志  ,  上野, 史郎  ,  冨田, 洋  ,  木村, 公  ,  杉崎, 睦  ,  芹野, 素子  ,  三原, 建弘  ,  根來, 均  ,  Nakagawa, Yujin E.  ,  Ebisawa, Ken  ,  Nakahira, Satoshi  ,  Ueno, Shiro  ,  Tomida, Hiroshi  ,  Kimura, Masashi  ,  Sugizaki, Mutsumi  ,  Serino, Motoko  ,  Mihara, Tatehiro  ,  Negoro, Hitoshi

The Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image (MAXI) was launched on July 2009. It is installed on the exposed facility of the Japanese experiment module "Kibo" on-board the international space station (ISS). The main purpose of the MAXI is to discover and promptly report X-ray transients as well as steady monitoring of known X-ray sources in the whole sky. The MAXI operation is approved at least until the end of March 2018. We are working on public data release of the MAXI, in order to enhance use of the MAXI data by scientists all over the world. On-demand data analysis system using a webinterface has been in service since November 2011. Now we are working toward the permanent public MAXI data archive together with the MAXI specic software for scientic analysis.
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