Technical Report 蠕動運動ポンプを用いた固体推進薬スラリ連続捏和に関する研究
Study for the Continuous Mixing of Solid Propellant by Peristaltic Pump

岩崎, 祥大  ,  松本, 幸太郎  ,  吉浜, 舜  ,  山田, 泰之  ,  中村, 太郎  ,  羽生, 宏人  ,  Iwasaki, Akihiro  ,  Matsumoto, Kotaro  ,  Yoshihama, Shun  ,  Yamada, Yasuyuki  ,  Nakamura, Taro  ,  Habu, Hiroto

In this study, a peristaltic pump is considered as the application for a continuous mixer of solid propellant slurry. While this pump can achieve a drastic cost reduction of solid propellant manufacturing process, mixing efficiency and factor(s) of the pump for high viscous slurry have not still been examined. Dependences of time and working gas pressure of the pump mixing were acquired. As the consideration, it was cleared that, by the working gas press, the slurry was mixed.
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