Technical Report AP系コンポジット推進薬の燃焼速度制御: TiO2添加の効果
Burning rate control of AP composite propellants: Effects of TiO2 additive

松本, 幸太郎  ,  岩崎, 祥大  ,  羽生, 宏人  ,  Matsumoto, Kotaro  ,  Iwasaki, Akihiro  ,  Habu, Hiroto

To improve the propulsion performance of third stage solid rocket motor, high-performance solid propellant is required. This propellant is needed to inhibit Al agglomeration on the combustion surface and decrease burning rate. In this study, Mg-Al particles are incorporated into the general solid propellants in order to reduce Al agglomeration since the agglomeration characteristics of Mg-Al are different to Al. However, the burning rate of propellants containing Mg-Al particles is higher than that containing Al. To control the burning rate solid propellants, the catalysts are generally added. In this study, the effects of titanium oxide as a catalyst to burning rate of AP composite propellants are obtained.
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