Technical Report X線CTを用いた固体推進薬内のAP粒子/ボイド分散評価手法
Dispersibility Evaluating Method of AP particles and Voids in Solid Propellant by X-ray CT

岩崎, 祥大  ,  松本, 幸太郎  ,  細見, 直正  ,  大竹, 加那  ,  山口, 聡一朗  ,  羽生, 宏人  ,  Iwasaki, Akihiro  ,  Matsumoto, Kotaro  ,  Hosomi, Naomasa  ,  Otake, Kana  ,  Yamaguchi, Soichiro  ,  Habu, Hiroto

In this study, dispersibility evaluating method of particles and voids in solid propellant is considered. This method is need for the optimization of solid propellant slurry mixer. The inside structure was imaged by X-ray CT and the luminance histograms of this image was analyzed. Their distribution shapes were changed by the texture of AP particles and the presence of voids. Therefore, those changes are used for the dispersibility evaluating method.
形態: カラー図版あり
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations

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