Technical Report イオン液体を用いた高性能低毒性推進剤の研究開発
Research and development of high energy and low toxic propellant using ionic liquids

松永, 浩貴  ,  板倉, 正昂  ,  塩田, 謙人  ,  伊里, 友一朗  ,  勝身, 俊之  ,  羽生, 宏人  ,  野田, 賢  ,  三宅, 淳巳  ,  Matsunaga, Hiroki  ,  Itakura, Masataka  ,  Shiota, Kento  ,  Izato, Yuichiro  ,  Katsumi, Toshiyuki  ,  Habu, Hiroto  ,  Noda, Masaru  ,  Miyake, Atsumi

We focused on ionic liquids for rocket propellant based on high energetic material, ammonium dinitramide (ADN). Energetic ionic liquid propellants (EILPs) are promising new liquid propellant for thruster which have high energy and low toxicity because EILPs are solvent-free and low-volatility liquid. On the other hands, there are many problems to realization of EILPs due to characteristics of ionic liquids. We firstly researched on energy source for ignition and are developing thruster system and studying the properties of EILPs.
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