Technical Report アンモニウムジニトラミドの燃焼モデル構築とその課題
Modeling of ammonium dinitramide (ADN) combustion and its problems

伊里, 友一朗  ,  三宅, 淳巳  ,  Izato, Yuichiro  ,  Miyake, Atsumi

The purpose of this study was to develop a combustion model of ammonium dinitramide (ADN). The combustion model include the elementally reactions, rate coefficients for every reactions, and thermodynamic data of corresponding chemical compounds. Combustion reaction of ADN can be divide two part, gas-phase (flame) and condensed-phase reaction. Past-study models for gas-phase reaction have many estimate values and amount of elementally reactions are lacked. In condensed-phase reaction, there are no elementally reaction models. A combustion model is improved on the basis of ab-initio calculation. The heats of formation for both gas and aqueous-phase were calculated by quantum chemical calculation with SCRF and the traditional atomization method.
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