Technical Report ADN系高エネルギーイオン液体の燃焼波構造に関する研究
A study on combustion wave structure of ADN-Based Energetic Ionic Liquid

井出, 雄一郎  ,  高橋, 拓也  ,  岩井, 啓一郎  ,  野副, 克彦  ,  羽生, 宏人  ,  徳留, 真一郎  ,  Ide, Yuichiro  ,  Takahashi, Takuya  ,  Iwai, Keiichiro  ,  Nozoe, Katsuhiko  ,  Habu, Hiroto  ,  Tokudome, Shinichiro

JAXA and Carlit Holdings Co., Ltd. study ammonium dinitramide-based energetic ionic liquid propellant (ADN-based EILP) as low-toxic monopropellant instead of hydrazine. It is made by mixing three solid powders: ADN, monomethylamine nitrate, and urea. The theoretical specific impulse is 1.2 times higher than that of hydrazine and the density is 1.5 times higher at certain composition. Although ionic liquids (ILs) have been believed to be non-flammable for a long time due to the low-volatility, combustible ILs have been reported recently. The combustion mechanism of ILs is not figured out yet. The objective of this paper is to understand the combustion wave structure of the ADN-based EILP. Temperature distribution of the combustion wave in strand burner test has a region of constant temperature. The region would show boiling in the observed foam layer. Thus, the combustion wave structure consists of liquid phase, gas-liquid phase, and gas phase. The dependency of boiling point on pressure might identify chemical substances in the gas-liquid phase. The dependencies of liner burning rate on ADN content are also discussed.
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