Technical Report D-SEND#2の経路設計について
Trajectory Design of D-SEND#2

鈴木, 広一  ,  Suzuki, Hirokazu

JAXA-RR-15-002pp.1 - 16 , 2015-11-16 , 宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA) , Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
本稿では,D-SEND#2 の飛行経路設計について述べる.最初に,D-SEND プロジェクトの概要について述べ,D-SEND#2 の要求条件と制約条件についてまとめる. D-SEND#2 では,地上に設置されたマイクに対してソニックブ-ムを発生させる必要がある.この時の最も望ましい飛行条件を目標飛行状態と定義し,経路設計の終端条件として指定する.機体は,成層圏気球から高度30kmで分離される.経路設計は,この分離条件から目標飛行状態までを対象として,滑空距離を最大/最小とするように最適化される.なお,本稿で行う経路設計は,実機に搭載する誘導制御則に供することを視野に,2 つの点を工夫した.一点目は,極力単純な問題構成となるように,経路設計問題を定式化した.二点目は,経路設計に姿勢制御の応答モデルを導入し,姿勢制御への負担を軽減できるように考慮された.最適化にはSimplex 法を用いた.得られた結果から,D-SEND#2 のレンジ調整能力は18.60 - 31.38kmであることが明らかとなり,飛行実験計画立案に供された.
This paper describes a flight trajectory design of the D-SEND (Drop test for Simplified Evaluation of Non-Symmetrically Distributed sonic boom) #2. The outline of the D-SEND project is mentioned first, and the requirement conditions and the constraints for the D-SEND#2 are summarized. An experimental airplane without engine is required to generate sonic boom and to propagate it to one of microphones attached to a mooring cable of a blimp. To achieve this requirement, the target flight conditions are defined, and they correspond to the final constraints of the trajectory design. The airplane is dropped from a stratospheric balloon at an altitude of 30km. Flight trajectory from the drop condition to the target flight condition is optimized. The trajectory design performed in this paper is devised in two points so that the result is easily applied to an on-board guidance and control law. One is that the problem formulation is simplified, and the other is that an attitude dynamics is introduced to the trajectory design to relax the requirements for the attitude controller. The simplex method is used to optimize the flight trajectory, and the flight range is defined as the performance index. Optimal trajectories of the minimum flight range and the maximum one are obtained, and these results show that the ability of range adjustment of the airplane is from 18.60km to 31.38km. Accordingly these results are reflected to the flight experiment plan.
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